Training Founders for Successful
Expansion to Silicon Valley

We accelerate founders’ ability to understand market opportunities and connect with the US market by providing a framework that centers on cultural nuances, unique market insights and a founder-centric approach. Our goal is to create tangible success stories for founders, whether that is helping them raise their next round of capital or finding their first customers and partners. With this program, we help founders to benchmark against US and international companies in their space and help them develop best practices to improve their chances of success.

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Startup Bootcamp

As a part of the program, we facilitate a complete Go-To-Market workshop that help prepare the founders on international expansion into the US. The aim is to help the startup founders with their verbal and communication skills that will exponentially increase their likelihood of success. In this workshop, we help the founders with the following:

+ Understand How To Raise Capital In The US

+ Create a More Compelling Value Proposition for Customers/Investors

+ Craft a Convincing Emails for Customer/Investor Outreach

+ Build Extensive Customer Target Lists

+ Develop a Focused Content for Your Pitch Deck (10-12 Slide Summary)

+ Prepare Executive Summary

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Virtual Training

The virtual segment of the program is used to build a trusted relationship between the mentors and founders, creating a more personalized program and deeper understanding of the founder and business needs. With this, we can continue to develop key functions and material that is key for the success of coming to test the US market in addition, we will:

+ Schedule meetings with industry experts and market multipliers

+ Arrange meetings with potential customers based on developed customer target list

+ Connect founders with investors interested in their technologies


Silicon Valley Program

Finally, all the preparation will culminate with a complete deep dive in Silicon Valley with pre-arranged meetings with location experts (customers, investors and more) with the purpose of giving the founders the right environment to properly validate the market and understand which levers to use to take the company to the next phase. Upon completion of the program, you’ll get:

+ Complete validation of the market

+ Unparalleled network to your target industry

+ Unique contacts to the Silicon Valley investor community

+ A clear roadmap with next steps for market expansion


Impact & Outcomes

  • Former founders have qualified for the top startup accelerators in the world like Skydeck (UC Berkeley’s premier accelerator), 500 Startups and more

  • Using frameworks from the course, entrepreneurs have been able to bring products to market faster and more quickly raise venture funding

  • Lessons from class have saved entrepreneurs thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping them avoid mistakes and use the right methods to build successful businesses

  • Founders build their professional networks through their interactions with industry mentors, guest speakers and experts

  • Founders drastically improve their communications skills through rigorous course assignments

  • Increase understanding of Silicon Valley culture and how to effectively do business in America



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Head of Business Dev at Rapyuta Robotics, Ryo Mori, gives his thoughts on the program

Director of Commerce at Synthetic Gestalt, Guy Lewy, gives his thoughts on the program


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