Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


OUR VISION is to create an improved innovation platform that reduces market friction and increases the success of founders interested in scaling globally and executives looking to accelerate their innovation capacity, that can have a positive bottom-line impact and broad economic development results in home markets. We do this by deploying market experts to help our partners navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation, through educational programs that deliver proven frameworks and direct access to resources and networks that will accelerate those efforts.

THE CHALLENGES often presented in more nascent entrepreneurial ecosystems is the lack of available, experienced entrepreneurs [human capital], a mature business environment that’s comfortable working with and adopting early stage technologies [customers], and a thriving investment community that can deploy money [capital] into the entrepreneurial community, allowing that very ecosystem to grow and increase the success-rate of local entrepreneurship.

THE SOLUTIONS we provide our partners are supportive programs that can turn entrepreneurial market deficiencies into strengths. Hence, our mission is three-fold:

1. Create programs that empower and build the next generation of entrepreneurs.

2. Amplify the understanding of the surrounding ecosystem to the importance of entrepreneurship and how it fuels and generates a more competitive business landscape.

3. Connect and bridge investment ecosystems together to create synergies and increase cross-border investments.

Fundamentally, we’re in the business of developing ecosystems and supporting founders in global markets, while also helping industries access new technologies that can increase sector and market productivity.


Klaus B. Wehage
CEO, 10x Innovation Lab