Crafting Your Corporate Innovation Strategy
For Silicon Valley

We partner with digital leaders from across the globe to help drive their innovation efforts in an ever-changing business environment. The rise of new technologies are creating a dynamic, fast-paced and complex market place that requires business leaders to be on the forefront of innovation and technology. With our curated partnerships, we help drive your innovation to new heights, preparing you to navigate through unchartered waters.


Corporate Innovation.Unlocked

Through a series of meetings and/or workshops, we will define your organizational needs and determine the right focus for your company. This will allow us to build a discovery technology immersion program that will ultimately help you to determine a long-term strategy for Silicon Valley and other budding technology ecosystems around the world. Together, we will..

+ Define key strategic areas that are a priority for your leadership

+ Map out technologies impacting your organization (and can benefit)

+ Create and develop a priority target list based on market research

+ Execute and tailor a program meeting your goals and requirements

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Corporate Innovation.Engage

Our programs can include a variety of different components, everything from targeted meetings with potential strategic partners to up-and-coming startups disrupting the status quo and finally other companies that have successfully continued to innovate and continue their growth curve. Gain unique insights to how other companies in your field are engaging and working with an ecosystem like Silicon Valley and learn best practices on how to successfully do strategic “innovation partnerships” allowing you to stay on top of trends and successfully incorporate that into your business and 5-10 year strategic plan…. Our programs can include the following:

+ Meeting with top-tier investors investing in your business area and frontier technologies

+ Meeting startups predicted to shift and disrupt your industry

+ Meeting with top Silicon Valley incumbents (Google, Facebook etc.) working on new innovations impacting your industry

+ Meeting with top incubators and accelerators


Corporate Innovation.Accelerate

Upon completion of the immersion program, it’s time to distill all the insights down the actionable steps that can lead to empower your digital organization. In partnership, we will define those next steps and take action on your behalf to you meet long-term goals set by your leadership. Together, we will accelerate and supercharge your innovation strategy by;

+ Building your ecosystem and open innovation engagement strategy

+ Finding and partner with investors investing in innovative technologies

+ Scouting and partner with disruptive startups

+ Collaborate with incubators and accelerators

+ Facilitating relationships and explore synergies with ecosystem players



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